move wants to move the job market.
move supports the development of skills that help to master professional challenges. In doing so, move creates real perspective for the personal professional future.

move bases its work on evidence, is proactive and sustainable. move develops, implements and evaluates trainings based on factual evidence. These comprise training sessions as well as workshops which have been developed by move based on current scientific literature. At the same time, move constantly evaluates these trainings, thus contributing to scientific research. Like this, move can ensure a bilateral relationship between practice and research, which in turn ensures the quality and integrity of its trainings.

move employs an action-oriented methodology to facilitate the acquisition of new skills. This method is based on the action theory by Frese & Zapf (1994), which champions learning through action principles, learning through action and learning through feedback.

move puts great emphasis on mutual respect and understanding between its employees as well as between external partners, trainers and participants. move not only respects cultural differences but includes culture as an essential part of the training.
move tailors its trainings to the socio-cultural circumstances at hand and wants to ensure that mental freedom, interactive dynamic processes as well as pre- and after care for the training are suitable for the circumstances.
move involves partners in the processes and teaches them how to coordinate and implement the trainings. This ensures long-term success and sustainable trainings that partners can run independently.




Prof. Dr. Kim Marie Bischoff (qualified psychologist)

Founder, associate and managing director of move

  • studied Psychology at the Justus-Liebig university in Gießen
  • wrote her doctoral thesis on the subject of “Entrepreneurship Training In Developing Countries: Action-Oriented Entrepreneurship Training and Its Role for Capital Requirements in Business Creation” at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg
  • has over ten years of experience in leading both practical and research projects on entrepreneurship and (business) psychology in developing and threshold countries
  • developed the entrepreneurship training STEP - Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion together with a team from the Leuphana university; she still supports the implementation of STEP to this day
  • developed, implemented and scientifically evaluated entrepreneurship trainings and train-the-trainer workshops in over ten countries
  • has been running training sessions and workshops on intercultural competences for more ten years
  • provides coaching for company founders
  • is the vice dean at the Hochschule Fresenius university of applied sciences (department of economics and media) in Berlin as well as Dean of Studies for the Business Psychology (BSc and MSc), and International Business Management courses (BSc)


Katharina Arriens

Project manager & trainer

  • studied Business Psychology at the Hochschule Fresenius university of applied sciences in Berlin
  • supports the implementation and evaluation of entrepreneurial trainings
  • runs train-the-trainer workshops
  • evaluated the effects of the STEP training in Mexico as part of her thesis
  • completed her commercial training at an interior architect (Seydlitz GmbH)
  • carried out data collection for Wissler & Partner on behalf of Deutschen Messe
  • did translation work for the Spanish company Global Mask at Hannover Messe
  • conducted cultural exchanges in Mexico with Rotary Youth Exchange






We offer evidence-based trainings on entrepreneurship and (business) psychological topics such as personal initiative, error management and intercultural competences. Our services comprise:

  • Development and implementation of trainings
  • Evaluation and impact assessment of trainings
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of train-the-trainer workshops
  • Master trainer education, i.e. training to acquire the necessary skills to be able to conduct train-the-trainer workshops, trainings, workshops, seminars yourself
  • Consultation on development, implementation and evaluation of trainings
  • Consultation on the methodical approaches of trainings, including workshop and training design, workshop and training methods)




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Associates: Prof. Dr. Kim Marie Bischoff