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move provides evidence-based psychological interventions to foster economic development around the globe

STEP Training is for students and people interested to start a business. During the training the participants start their own business and receive weekly advice about psychology, business administration and entrepreneurship.

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PI Training aims to reinforce a proactive mindset that has been found to be key for business success, let that be for entrepreneurs or organisations and employees.

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move develops evidence-based and scientifically founded psychology-based interventions that are tailored to the beneficiaries and the respective context. 

Our interventions always follow the following key principles:

Action Orientation

Our training interventions are based on the action regulation theory and follow an action-oriented methodological approach.

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Scientific Foundation

STEP and PI Training are evidence-based and have a scientific foundation. The content is based on practical research on entrepreneurial success factors.

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Scientific Evaluation

Our training interventions have been evaluated through randomised controlled trials. Furthermore we evaluate the effects of every project continuously.

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Contextual Adaptation

All our training interventions are adapted to the local contexts after thorough assessment and analysis in cooperation with local stakeholders.

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We work closely with local partners and train local trainers who can deliver the training interventions in the long run independently and far beyond the project duration.

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Since the beginning of STEP and PI training in 2009 over 14.000 students in more than 11 countries have been trained in STEP and further 6.000 entrepreneurs and employees in 16 countries have been trained in personal initiative.

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As a NGO our work would not be possible without the funding and support of our international and local partners. We thank all our financiers for the trust and collaboration. Furthermore we are thankful for the scientific advisory board and collaboration with the father of the action regulation theory, STEP and PI Training Prof. Dr. Michael Frese and his research group at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg.

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