Training Interventions

STEP and PI Training have been developed by Prof. Dr. Michael Frese and his research team from the Leuphana University of Lüneburg in collaboration with universities in Uganda. Both training interventions have different focus and target different populations (see below).

To provide the training interventions independently of scientific studies and university funding, Prof. Dr. Kim Marie Bischoff, who co-developed STEP, founded the NGO move. Until today, the NGO move works closely with Prof. Dr. Michael Frese and his team.

move is a certified NGO for the implementation of STEP and PI Training.

Student Training for Entrepreneurial Promotion

Target Group:

Students and people interested to start a business


Beneficiaries start their own business in teams and receive weekly advice in the following areas:

  • Psychology
  • Business administration
  • Entrepreneurship

The content of STEP is based on research on entrepreneurial success factors.


  • change the mind-set
  • increase start-up rate
  • create more job opportunities

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Personal Initiative Training

Target Group:

Micro-Entrepreneurs and Employees


Beneficiaries are already engaged in business. 
The PI Training aims to stimulate personal initiative by reinforcing the following proactive behaviours: 

  • Self-Starting
  • Future-orientated
  • Persistent in the face of barriers

The content of PI focuses on personal initiative as a psychological skill.


Promote the success of entrepreneurs and employees.

Click here to learn more about PI Training on the official website

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